Annulment of a Marriage Requires Meeting Certain Conditions and Proving them In a Court of Law

Annulment of a Marriage Requires Meeting Certain Conditions and Proving them In a Court of Law

Marriages, they say are made in heaven, but it is a sad fact of modern day life on earth, that the partners in many marriages find a marriage disturbing or difficult to continue with. Laws do allow couples to seek a divorce that then legally terminates the union through a court order. In some instances, it is also possible to annul a marriage. In such cases, the union is considered void and deemed to have been not legal from its very inception.

In a divorce, there will still be a past record of a marriage, whereas in an annulment it is as if the union has never taken place. Cancellations are more challenging to obtain than divorces, as marriages can only be annulled under certain circumstances and conditions, which have to be legally proved during the proceedings to annul a marriage. Separations are on the other hand much more straightforward, and in some states are allowed even if there is no fault on either side, and both the persons in the marriage decide that they want to be out of it.

Marriage annulment requires a couple to go through a legal process that is reasonably cumbersome and difficult, but it will ultimately lead to a dissolution of the marriage and lead to a contention that marriage never existed. After an annulment not only is the marriage nullified but both people in the earlier marriage return to being single whether they like it or not. They can never even claim that they were married earlier.

Most marriage annulments come about in the first few years or even months of marriage

Though most marriage annulments come about in the first few years or even months of marriage, legally there is no time bar, and weddings can be nullified after some years, and also if there are children in the union. All that is needed is to prove the causes and grounds for the annulment have existed. Any marriage requires that both the parties in the union are mature enough and over the legal age that is in force for a wedding. If either of the parties was below the legal age at the time of the marriage, the marriage could satisfy the conditions for annulment.

If at some time after marriage, it is discovered that the parties have an existing blood affinity, the relationship between the married parties can be severed by annulment. A marriage can also be annulled, if it can be proved that either or both of the parties were inebriated or under the influence of drugs at the time of the marriage. Mental incompetency at the time of marriage can be another legally accepted reason for dissolving a marriage through an annulment. Impotence is another oft-given reason for marriage annulment. A previously existing lawfully marriage of either of the parties can be another reason that is accepted by courts for annulling a marriage. If a marriage has been performed under coercion or any other threat, the union can also be canceled. Other causes that can lead to annulment is concealing of criminal histories, sexually transmitted diseases, known impotence, and other conditions can lead to invalidation being granted. An unconsummated marriage can also be grounds for divorce.

Filing for an annulment must be done only after getting the proper legal advise from competent lawyers and attorneys you can visit if you need a professional services regarding annulment. The difference between divorce and annulment must be clearly understood, and both parties must be fully prepared to go through all the things that such legal proceeding may demand of them. Annulments are often sought by people who are prohibited by their religion form divorcing, though society has mostly accepted the breakup of marriages, and has eased chiefly the rules for divorce that makes it possible for both parties in a marriage to get out of an unhappy or incompatible one.

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